The consultancy approach is based on practical solutions tailored to client needs. These are delivered in-person while maximising the use and development of client in-house resource. This leads to ownership and sustainability of solutions in the long term by the client.

Solving Complex Business Problems

A key driver of business performance is the ability to solve complex problems. It is important to apply the right organisational focus and resource with an independent external perspective. Early identification of root causes, drivers and metrics enables solution options to be developed with business stakeholders. These options can then be evaluated against strategy and success criteria such as speed, budget and risk tolerance, to select the best solution. Planning, rapid delivery and review conclude the initial cycle.

Developing New Opportunities

Balancing the need for speed with quality and cost constraints requires the right level of resource and process to be applied. Identifying and generating opportunities leads on to screening (cost, benefit, risk, do-ability, strategic fit) then prioritisation, planning, delivery and review. Harry has extensive practical experience with a wide range of proven tools and techniques to ensure end-to-end success. These can be applied together with his 'subject matter expertise' when running initiatives to develop new opportunities as single projects or portfolios in a programme. Many clients find this additional 'director level' temporary resource a powerful 'agile' catalyst which improves business performance in today's dynamic and extremely competitive market place.


"Innovation is about doing things differently and better for competitive advantage."


This is a key element at the core of how Harry Taylor Consulting improves business performance. Harry's broad range of practical experience, tools and techniques can be applied to propositions, services, operations or the overall business model. Depending on the situation, the required innovation may be incremental (eg. proposition or service enhancements), significant (eg. new propositions in the current market sector) or radical (eg. 'new to market' proposition or entry to a completely new market for the business). Harry's wide experience of different businesses and situations 'end to end' gives a unique, powerful and practical approach to delivering innovation with impact.

Leadership and Change Management

Harry has successfully led a wide variety of teams in many different situations and businesses. The abillity to energise and engage with individuals at all levels is a trademark of his style. When this is combined with giving clarity of purpose, direction and a sense of humour he has the ability to rapidly create and deploy high performing teams using in-house resource. This may cut across organisational and hierarchical boundaries to get the right blend of skills, experience and focus.

Getting Results

Producing short and long term results relies on applying the right combination of innovation and leadership at the right time in the right way. A range of practical tools and techniques are tailored and used specifically for each consulting project. Backed by an 'agile' approach, wide deep experience and a track record of success, Harry Taylor Consulting provides the insight, focus, speed and independence. This cuts through issues and enables businesses to solve complex problems and develop new opportunities.